Who We Are...

Two Legit Sports is  designed to offer elite level sand volleyball training at affordable prices.   We do this by keeping our overhead low and maximizing our time and space.   We work hard to stay focused on the ultimate goal; which is to make our athletes better while having fun.   We do not travel to faraway places until we beat our local competitors ...but when we do travel it will be to compete to win.    
Travel is designed for two reasons:  A.  To compete against better competition.  B. For high level athletes to be looked at by college coaches for recruitment purposes.    When Two Legit has players ready for recruitment, we will get them out there and noticed! 
Two Legit Sports started under the direction of Coach Edfors who has over 10 years of collegiate coaching experience as a recruiter/Coach.  He has worked at the NAIA, NJCAA, as well as his last two years at Florida International NCAA Div I.  This means he knows what it takes to get recruited at all levels!  

Coach Edfors started the first collegiate beach volleyball program in the country to offer beach volleyball scholarships to both male and female athletes.  Many of his athletes are playing at professional level to this day!