AAU Travel Team

What is Club Travel Ball
Since 1937 the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) has been promoting Volleyball across the country and currently has over 500,000 members in its organization.  One of AAU's primary goals  would be to build strong sport programs across the country in order to help young athletes achieve their goals and dreams.   
What Two Legit Offers: 
"Here at Two Legit we will provide excellent training, communication all at affortable pricing". 
Our director Tim Edfors probably has more experience coaching than any other club director in the south.  Edfors has spent his a majority of his life as a collegiate coach, club director/owner and as a player player.  His passion is volleyball and he loves to share all of his experiences and knowledge.  He currently retired from FIU where he coached both beach and indoor and he has been a recruiting coach for over 10 years. 
Two Legit will currently work with the younger athletes and we will focus on good techniques.  This is a verycritical part of the game to excell in the long run.  learning bad techniques while young forms bad habits that are very tough to break when you get older.  

“AAU Volleyball Nationals 2017”
Location: Orlando Florida
Teams: 2048 Est Players 20,500
Courts: 172

Amazing Value:  $750.00 for the entire season which includes eight tournaments and 5 months of training.

What to Expect for your Child

Your child will experience a fun yet challenging experience each and every day!
Learning correct techniques is essential, there are proven ways to perform skills that if learned incorrectly will hinder the athletes play for years to come.  We have the experience and staff to make sure that only the best techniques are taught. 
​A coaches influence has been said to have a huge impact on their athletes lives.  Kids love sports and they are very willing to do what the coach says.  We focus on using appropriate verbage, tone and training in a way that will help your child grow as a person as well as an athlete. 
Sports teach so many things more than  playing a game, athletes learn hardwork is required to succeed; just as in real life.  We will focus on setting goals, controlling emotions, how body language speaks out, and much more.  It's not just about the game for us but your childs future.